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Summer Holiday 2024

Let’s enjoy the holiday period with exciting experiences with Buumi, offering various activities
for toddlers (18M - 3Y), preschoolers (3Y - 6Y), and primary schoolers (6Y - 9Y).

5% Discount Available for Group Booking!
Regular Admission Period: 27 May - 23 June 2024


We offer a range of extracurricular classes that provide hands-on learning experiences for your child. Our classes are designed to focus on specific skills and are taught by field experts. Sign up today and take advantage of our special price on extra playground sessions!

May Classes Schedule

In-House Activities

Our In-House Activities are designed by our Early Childhood Specialist to enhance cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and skills. Let your child learn and grow through play-based activities that are both educational and enjoyable!

May In-House Activities

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