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  • Birthday Party

    Host a Buumi Birthday Bash – where every party is a masterpiece of fun, safety, and imagination. Our expertly crafted activities engage and delight, as our dedicated team ensures a seamless, joyous celebration for your child. Choose Buumi for a stress-free, memorable birthday experience that lets you and your little ones savor the magic of the moment.

  • Playdate

    Transform playtime into a group celebration with Buumi Group Playdate bookings! Our group playdates are perfect for fostering friendships and creating lasting memories in a setting that's both safe and exhilarating. Booking with Buumi means choosing a carefree day where the kids can explore boundlessly while we ensure a smooth, joyful play adventure for all.

  • Private Play

    Imagine a play paradise reserved just for your child and their closest friends – that's what our Private Play offers. Reserve the entire Buumi for an exclusive bespoke adventure where your child's imagination can run wild in a space that's entirely theirs. Safety, privacy, and personalized fun are our promises to you. Book with Buumi for a playdate that feels like a VIP event for your little ones.

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